The Robinowitz Education Center is a leader in providing educational evaluations, diagnostic reading evaluations, and dyslexia screenings for children with learning differences.

Research consistently shows that the sooner learning differences are identified and addressed, the better the chances are of overcoming them.

Our approach

Because students with dyslexia can still score within acceptable ranges on some standard language skill tests, the more nuanced indicators of dyslexia or other NVLDs they present are often missed. We use standardized and non-standardized evaluative methods to thoroughly understand and better diagnose a student’s unique academic and cognitive challenges. And, the evaluative process factors in background and history alongside multiple fundamental performance assessments to draw as accurate a picture as possible of a student’s verbal and nonverbal language skill set.

The Evaluation Process includes:

Review information from parents and teachers about the child’s educational background, developmental and medical history, family history, and other details. Administer battery of tests to determine the child’s strengths and weaknesses.
Testing may include oral language, phonological skills, decoding, reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, and spelling, depending on the child’s history and age.
Score tests and review information collected to form a diagnosis (including an action plan for intervention), which will be provided in a written report. Please note that screenings do not lead to a diagnosis – they simply identify warning signs.

Free Dyslexia Screenings

We offer a limited number of free dyslexia screenings. These screenings are for children in grades K-3, who have never before been tested for learning differences. Though limited in scope, these screenings will help you determine if you need further information about how your child learns.

*Please note that screenings are offered at the Robinowitz Education Center, which is located at 800 North Road, Pennington NJ.  


For parents who are overwhelmed with the results of their child’s evaluation, progress in school, or type of intervention that is most appropriate for their child, let our Educational Consultants help. We provide consultative services to parents to help them navigate dyslexia. This includes reviewing records, performing school observations, and recommending interventions and support to fit and enhance the profile of the child.

In addition, our professional learning consultants can provide consultation to school administrators at public and private schools who are looking for appropriate interventions in literacy, professional development options, and review of records for a particular student.

Evaluation Services

To pay for any of our evaluation services online, click the button below.

Service Price
Consultation, Dyslexia Screening, School Observation, and Records Review $250.00/hour
Free Dyslexia Screening No Cost
Dyslexia/Reading Diagnostic Evaluation $1500.00
Dyscalculia/Math Diagnostic Evaluation $1500.00
Full Educational Evaluation: complete cognitive testing (which includes intelligence and educational assessment), diagnosis, narrative report and follow-up conference $3000.00
Full Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation $1500.00
Full Occupational Therapy Evaluation $1500.00