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Welcome to the Robinowitz Education Center’s Enlightenment Learning Solutions platform. We’re here for you with unlimited resources to keep everyone learning, growing and thriving. 

Meeting the specialized needs of
students, families and professionals

Professional Development

Improving educational outcomes – we are staffed by certified specialists and provides expert training and professional development in literacy, math, and study skills.


Uniquely equipped to provide multisensory structured language programs. These research-based programs efficiently teach students literacy skills and learning strategies. 

What sets us apart

Utilizing the latest research-based methods, educational evaluations, and professional development opportunities through an innovative online learning platform.

Individualized Learning

We use standardized and non-standardized evaluative methods to thoroughly understand and better diagnose a student’s unique academic and cognitive challenges.

Professional Development

Our professional development enables teachers to learn current research and evidence-based strategies to increase literacy, study skills, and other academic areas.

Robinowitz Center Enlightenment Tutoring

Wilson Reading System®, Project Read, Language!, Lindamood Bell, Orton Gillingham, Developing Metacognitive Skills, and others.

Enhanced Education

The Robinowitz Center team of certified specialists is working to increase the public awareness of learning differences and dyslexia and provide information and support to students, teachers, professionals, community organizations and businesses internationally.