· June 27, 2020

In order to prescribe a tutoring program that meets the unique needs of each student, the Robinowitz Education Center’s educational consultants review previous educational records and provide additional assessment if necessary. We offer individual sessions and/or small group sessions designed to assist students to reach their educational goals.

The Robinowitz Center uses research-based multisensory programs delivered through direct, systematic, concept teaching. These programs reduce the number of students referred for special education services in school districts by up to 75%. Based on case studies and the teaching experience of our staff, students can progress 2-3 grade levels within one year (although individual student progress varies).

The Robinowitz Education Center is uniquely equipped to provide multisensory structured language programs. These research-based programs efficiently teach students literacy skills and learning strategies.  Unlike tutors who advertise that they are OG or Wilson® “trained,” our tutors are certified in the most effective multisensory techniques that enable students to read, write, and study more efficiently. Additionally, in order to maintain certification, the tutors are supervised and observed by Wilson Language Training® and OG college instructors to ensure fidelity to the prescribed programs.

These programs include the Wilson Reading System®, Project Read, Language!, Lindamood Bell, Orton Gillingham, Developing Metacognitive Skills, and others.

Students develop learning strategies to help them become independent in:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time and Materials Management
  • Strategic Textbook Writing
  • Strategic Writing
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Study Skills

Tutoring services take place at The Laurel School of Princeton, located at 75 Mapleton Road, Princeton. You do not have to be enrolled at The Laurel School to receive tutoring services.

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