Domains of Language for Literacy Instruction

· January 8, 2021

Domains of Language for Literacy Instruction  –  2 day course  (12 hours of lecture) 

Participants will explore the domains of language processing and how it influences decoding, reading comprehension, and written expression. Participants will be able to identify brain structures that support language and ultimately reading. They will be able to identify the seven language domains to better inform their own instruction of reading and writing skills. They will be able to define and identify morpho-phonemic elements in light of current research about reading skill acquisition. This knowledge will then help educators identify students who require intervention. Participants will also explore methods and materials for assessment and data collection use for designing diagnostic instruction. Focus will center on the need to identify when to intervene especially with preschool students. 

Proposed Required textbooks:


Speech to Print - Language Essentials for Teachers by Louisa Moats

From Talking to Writing - Terril Jennings and Charles Haynes

The Reading Comprehension Blueprint by Nancy Hennessey

Proust and the Squid by Dr. Maryanne Wolf or Language at the Speed of Sight by Seidenberg

Unlocking Literacy by Marcia Henry

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Class Includes

  • 2 Lessons